Recycling Metals and Other Materials

Which Household Items Attract the Best Cash for Scrap Prices?

If you're exploring the world of cash for scrap, it's worth understanding which items attract the best prices. Simply throwing all your metal objects at your nearest dealer could be a waste of your time. With a knowledge-based approach, you can make extra money and free up space in your home.

Raid your kitchen for white goods you don't need

When the time comes to replace your fridge or washing machine, don't throw them away. If you're able to decompress a fridge or freezer, plenty of scrap metal dealers will pay you well for it. Other items to consider include old microwaves, ovens, kettles, and other lightweight metallic products in your home.

Consider whether there's any cast iron hiding around your property

If you have an old barbecue that you no longer use, it may feature cast iron. Although the prices are always fluctuating, cast iron usually commands a much higher cash for scrap value than steel or vehicle metal. Other areas where you may find it include:

  • Old bathtubs
  • Pots and pans
  • Pipes you're removing from your home
  • Antique furniture that's lost its value

Before selling your cast iron on, always make sure you grab a couple of quotes to get a clear idea of its value.

Seek out hidden sources of copper around your property

Did you know that Christmas tree lights are an excellent source of copper? Although the volume isn't high, you may as well benefit from your old decorations that aren't suitable for adorning your tree anymore. And, the toaster you no longer use probably depends on copper to function as well. Like cast iron metal, copper attracts excellent prices from scrap metal dealers. If you want to maximise your profits, try removing the plastic casing that surrounds the valuable components of items such as toasters.

Exchange your car as part of a cash for scrap program

If your car no longer suits your needs, you might find that it's easier to use a cash for scrap program than it is to sell it to another driver. This is usually the case when the car needs a lot of repairs or is old and doesn't have much value. Selling your car to a scrap metal dealer doesn't involve the same degree of admin as when you sell it privately. Always use a licensed scrap yard when exchanging cars for money.

If you want to make a profit from your home's hidden metal stores, consider looking for items to trade in on a yearly basis. With the cash you gain, you can always invest in something new.