Recycling Metals and Other Materials

Three Small Household Items That You Can Still Sell As Scrap Metal

Every year thousands of tonnes of belongings are thrown out of houses across Australia. What you might not realise is that a lot of these that are made out of metal are actually not just garbage and can be worth a bit of cash. Doing this not only helps with energy consumption and reduces your overall impact on the environment, but it doesn't hurt your back pocket either. Not everything will be worth big bucks, but you never know until you get a quote. Here are three small household items that you could potentially sell for scrap metal.

Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen is a veritable treasure trove when it comes to metallic appliances that could be worth a pretty penny in scrap alone, from the heavy fridges that you are trying to replace to the toaster oven that hasn't properly given you a crispy bit of bread in years. As long as there is quite a lot of metal in it, most white goods will be accepted at a scrap metal recycling plant. It does not have to be in perfect condition either, as they're simply going to strip it down anyway, so a bit of grease or a broken hinge doesn't really matter. 

Old Lawn Equipment

So many Australian's take pride in their lawn that they go through equipment to maintain it like their life depends on it. Instead of putting your old lawnmower out at the next council clean-up, why not take it and get a quote for the metal it is made out of. Whether it is an old and heavy steel one to a more modern aluminium variant, as long as there is a decent amount of metal in it, you could get some change in your wallet. Other lawn equipment is good, too, from shovels and sledgehammers to piping and old metal buckets.

Leftover Building Material

A lot of people have kept some of the material that was leftover from their latest renovation or building project. The good news is that much of the material used in construction, such as roofing, nails, beams, poles, frames and so on, are all made out of metal and weigh quite a lot. If you are sick of it sitting around your shed or garage, then take it down to a scrap metal recycler and trade it in. At the very least you will have much more space to work with.

Contact a local scrap metal recycling plant to learn more.