Recycling Metals and Other Materials

Household Items That You Can Recycling For A Profit

One of the simple steps that you can make to minimise your negative impact on the environment is by opting to recycle scrap metal. Scrap metal recycling brings about a myriad of benefits. Firstly, you get to eliminate waste from the environment and instead help it to be reused to create new products. Hence, there will be a decreased need for raw materials in the manufacturing industries. Secondly, by engaging in scrap metal recycling, you get the chance to declutter your property while making a profit simultaneously! However, you need to know where to extract the metal from if you stand a chance of making a bit of money from your recycling efforts. This piece enlightens you on the household items that you can source scrap metal for recycling at a profit.

Household Fixtures

If you have recently engaged in a remodelling project and have a good amount of waste left behind, then you should rummage through the debris for fixtures. Items such as doorknobs and handles are typically made from brass, which is a great metal for recycling. Keep an eye out for yellowish tinge on these items, since this will be indicative of the brass. You could also sift through old keys that are no longer in use, since these could also contain brass.

Outdated Appliances

With technology constantly evolving, you will gradually end up amassing a large number of appliances that are no longer useful to you. If you have recently upgraded your dishwasher or your washing machine, you should consider either taking apart the appliance on your own to separate different types of metal or simply taking the entire appliance to the scrap yard. If you have an old heater that is beyond repair, you should take this to the scrap yard too since it contains steel, copper and zinc! Additional outdated appliances that can make you a profit include air conditioners and washers.

Exterior Items

Another place where you can get quite a number of types of scrap metal that can make you a bit of money is right outside. Architectural elements such as metallic gutters can be a treasure trove of scrap metal since they are manufactured from a myriad of metals. If you are lucky, you can come across copper, which will be quite valuable in a scrap yard. Guttering can also be made from zinc, galvanised steel, lead, aluminium and even cast iron! You could also source scrap metal from metal fencing, corroded outdoor furniture and so on.