Recycling Metals and Other Materials

Key Benefits of Metal Recycling to Construction Companies

Construction sites produce significant amounts of scrap metal since the material is structurally stronger than other common building materials. However, scrap metal can be a blessing and a curse to a construction project; that is why proper management is critical. For instance, encouraging metal recycling at construction sites goes a long way in saving costs. This article highlights the benefits of metal recycling for construction companies. 

LEED Certification -- The construction industry in Australia is expected to grow by 2.1% in 2021. This means that construction companies must brace themselves for bidding wars. However, property developers are conscientious about environmental protection when awarding constructions contracts. It is less likely that a construction company that dumps all of its scrap metal at a landfill will get consideration from an environmentally aware client. One way of gaining a competitive edge and increasing your chances of winning construction project bids is earning LEED certification. This accreditation is proof that your construction company takes metal recycling seriously. It also sends the message that you want the best for the environment.

Reduced Construction Costs -- When awarding a construction contract, clients pay particular attention to the cost. Therefore, you must be convincing enough to assure a customer that your strategy will cost them the least amount of money. However, that is only possible if you source your metals from a metal recycler. Mining virgin ores to produce new metal is expensive because the process requires a lot of energy. However, you do not have to worry about high costs if you source some of your construction metal from a recycling plant. Most importantly, an increased supply of recycled metal lowers the cost of implementing a construction project.

Reduces Worksite Injuries -- In Australia, the construction industry ranks highest in workplace injuries and fatalities. The statistics are damning; as a result, the Australian government, through the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012-2022, is seeking to reduce construction site injuries that result in fatalities by 20%. Construction companies need to play a significant role in the initiative, and metal recycling is one way of doing it. Waste metals lying unattended at a construction site are a safety hazard. For instance, broken or rusty nails lying haphazardly on the ground increases the risk of injury. In this regard, collecting all waste metals and sending them to a recycling plant makes a construction site safer.

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