Which Household Items Attract the Best Cash for Scrap Prices?

If you're exploring the world of cash for scrap, it's worth understanding which items attract the best prices. Simply throwing all your metal objects at your nearest dealer could be a waste of your time. With a knowledge-based approach, you can make extra money and free up space in your home. Raid your kitchen for white goods you don't need When the time comes to replace your fridge or washing machine, don't throw them away. [Read More]

How Scrap Metal Recycling Benefits Planet Earth

Smart home owners and businesses know that not all rubbish belongs to the landfill. Waste materials like scrap metal, glass, cardboard, wood, and some plastics have reuse value and should therefore be recycled instead of being taken to the landfill. Taking your scrap metal for recycling is a wonderful way to make some quick cash while also giving old metal products a new lease of life. More importantly, recycling scrap metal helps protect planet Earth and the people that live in it in a number of ways. [Read More]

Second Life: Where Will Your Scrap Metal Go?

As the world matures, the importance of taking care of the environment becomes clearer and clearer.  One fantastic way for us to do this is to recycle all our old resources, reducing the need to continue pulling them from the earth - and minimising the amount of waste that's sent to landfill, too.  With household waste, it's very easy to recycle - but since it's a little harder to collect up and recycle your scrap metal, you may be wondering how helpful it really is, and whether it's worth the extra effort of holding on to it until you can schedule a removal. [Read More]

Don't live in a tip: A quick guide for tidying your scrap metal collection

We've all seen those large rural properties jam-packed with junk — old car bodies, piles of rusty corrugated iron, stacks of roof tiles and a mountain of old car tyres. A home surrounded by chaos can make you feel claustrophobic and uninspired. If you need a helping hand to declutter and tidy your scrap metal collection, check out this short guide. Sort it out The first step to managing your scrap metal collection is to sort it out. [Read More]